Mark the sentence true or false.


Students decide whether the statements in connection with the people's clothes seen in the pictures are true or false

On the boat

Jack's Holiday

Demo of the Comic Heroes Sticker Book game. Content creators can craft a story using clues to guide the student as they arrange stickers on a comic book.


coat, hat, jacket, jeans, jumper, shirt, shoes, skirt


Prepositions of place

Put the story together about a cat called Milo

If I were you,...

Conditional, If I were you,...

Prepositions (Předložky)

on, under, behind

Numbers 11-20

Don't do that!


present tense - to be

present tense - to be

Buildings and landmarks

New English File Upper-intermediate; Getting around

The media

New English File Upper-intermeiate; People in the media

Extreme weather

New English File Upper-intermediate; Extreme weather


A person should guess the which colour is trying to be presented.

Riktningar och positioner

Past tense - irregular verbs

went, saw, ate, drank, thought, told, brought, bought, caught, understood, came, began, chose, cut, fell, felt, got, forgot, cost, gave, grew, had, heard, hid, held, kept, knew, le


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Ariannwyd y prosiect hwn gyda chymorth gan y Comisiwn Ewropeaidd. Mae’r cyhoeddiad [neges] yn adlewyrchu barn yr awdur yn unig, ac ni all y Comisiwn gael ei ddal yn gyfrifol am unrhyw ddefnydd, a allai gael ei wneud o’r wybodaeth a gynhwysir ynddo.”